Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain
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Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain

The Low Back Pain Program

Please Watch the Video Below to Learn About DIYPT’S LOW BACK PAIN SOLUTION….

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Check Out These Sample Videos From The Platinum Low Back Program:

Why Pelvic Tilts reduce low back pain and restore lumbar health.

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Perform this Pelvic Tilt Exercise to reduce low back pain & increase mobility!

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Why the Piriformis Stretch can Relieve Sciatica and balance your sacrum & pelvis.

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How to do the Piriformis Exercise (Full Long Version)

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How to do a Piriformis stretch, modified wall version.

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Part 1: Managing Severe Back Pain & Spasms Instructions.

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What are the Best Sleeping Positions to Reduce Back Pain & Support Joint Health.

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Why Stair Drop Exercise is so helpful for low back pain, foot pain and more.

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What is Included in the Platinum Program for Backs?

Do It Yourself PT Platinum
Program is not just exercises.

The Platinum program for backs also educates you on:

  • Different posture positions: sitting, standing, doing the dishes & more
  • Ergonomics (office set ups) and how to sit & stand at the computer
  • How to achieve ideal alignment
  • How to change your gait and create an ideal walking form to support healing.
  • Do’s and Don’ts to prevent further break down
  • Proper lifting mechanics
  • Breathing instructions, diaphragmatic breathing and more.
  • Support tools and specific facts to support optimal healing.

The above videos are included and separate from the 4 stages and the fast-track programs.

Speaking of Fast-Track Programs, here are some of the additional programs included in the Platinum Program:

  • Severe Back Pain & Muscle Spasms Program
  • The Daily Three! Kimberly’s top 3 picks for your daily exercise program.
  • The Sciatica program.
  • The Stenosis program.
  • The Morning program for arthritis and morning stiffness/pain.
  • The Evening program to help sleep and restless legs.
  • The Chronic Back Pain program (chronic means you have had back pain for a long time).
  • The Stability program.
  • The Essential Quickie program… for lubrication & Alignment.
  • Meditation Instructions for Healing & Well-being.

What makes the Platinum Program even more unique is that most of the postural and exercise videos have two versions. A full version that explains the essential details to perform the therapeutic movement correctly, including how to prevent compensations; and a second video of the same exercise but in a quick version.

Therefore, you can watch the full version to learn the magic details of how the movement or posture should be performed, and return frequently using the quick version instructions.

In Addition, many exercises have a separate video explaining why that particular exercise should be done and how it supports your healing.

There’s even more! For those of you who like to see things in writing…. You can even download written instructions on each exercise!!!!

Remember, knowledge is power. DIYPT’s mission is to give you the knowledge and power to get out of pain and keep it away.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Just start with Stage 1 and begin to feel better today!

Listen, I know there is a lot of information and a ton of exercises and different programs that I have included that it may seem overwhelming. But wait, I have good news…. Just start with Stage 1 and begin to feel better today.

In stage 1, just learn 1 new exercise a day. In 10 days, you will have a complete program that makes you feel better!

And more good news…This is a lifetime membership… which means you have a lifetime to explore and go deeper as you see fit.

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