Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain
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Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain


See What Our Client Says About DIYPT.

I’ve been working with Kimberly in person for a year now and can unreservedly call it the most transformational therapeutic experience of my life. That includes personal trainers of varying specializations, chiropractors, a wide variety of massage modalities and other hands-on disciplines (including remote ones — time of writing Jan 2021).

Her knowledge of human physiology and the interactions between organs, soft tissue, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems is richer and more holistic and intuitive than most physicians I can think of. And her ability to describe these processes to a layperson in actionable, mechanical detail is at once technically precise and accessibly folksy.  Every session has been an education on the body in general and mine in particular. This applies to her in-person treatments and videos: I’ve used the videos to rebuild and adapt my daily stretching and strengthening regimen twice now as I’ve progressed from stabilizing to reducing my spinal and nerve pain issues. The videos really are the next best thing to being there in person — like having a personalized movement and stretching coach retrain you in how to listen and relate to your own body from tip to toe.

When I first came to Kimberly’s practice I had a slipped rib, serious sciatic pain, and lumbar and cervical spine disk degeneration that had degraded to a point where driving, sitting, and lying flat were barely tolerable for more than an hour. This is in an all-around healthy, body aware, and reasonably fit 41 year old man. While no pixie dust is going to instantly correct four decades of accumulated structural issues, over the course of many months Kimberly helped me activate or release muscles and muscle groups that I had neglected or disfavored (e.g., transverse abdominals, psoas), she helped me address lifelong tall-person postural issues and compensations from the sacrum to the shoulders to my walking gait, she coordinated care with my orthopedist on imaging and diagnostics, and she recommended other treatments and providers, from Egoscue to custom orthotics, that, taken together, brought me from a place where a year ago I was 90% sure surgery was inevitable to deep conviction today that it’s entirely avoidable. I used to run 5mi a day and that still seems like a distant goal, but most importantly, actually attainable.  It is really difficult to overstate the sense of psychic relief and empowerment that comes from realigning and restoring the body along so many axes, targeting its weaknesses, and managing/eliminating pain without pills, injections, or surgical interventions.

One caveat:  this is an active and iterative process requiring daily attention and sometimes frustrating effort to engage body parts that might have been ignored for one’s whole life.  It is not a passive experience where you can check out like a passenger and hope to wake up at your pain free destination. I can’t count how many times I’ve told people about her and heard back, “you are SO LUCKY to have found someone this good”.   Indeed.


I live in Atlanta and have been dealing with worsening back pain for 10 years and have tried 2 different physical therapy places and chiropractic without relief. My sister went to Kimberly’s clinic and had such relief that she invited me to stay with her so I could go to PT there. Kimberly suggested that I first try this program and get some manual therapy at the same time. She recommended deep tissue work to go with her program. But to be honest, I have not gone to try the deep tissue work yet. Probably because after 3 months of doing these exercises I finally feel like I can manage this on my own.

I want to say that I did get some of these exercises from the PT I tried here but without some of the specifics that seem to really help. But there are new exercises here that seem to finally help me break through. Funny she talks so much about walking right in her video’s and my sister said changing her walk helped her. Well trust me, watch the walking video. I hear myself saying heel ball toe now all the time, and man it seems to help. Anyways, I am glad not to be paying copays anymore. Even though it takes some time to do, it’s worth it. I haven’t really done much with stage 4 but the first stages are working for me. I highly recommend this program.

Kevin S.

Before DIYPT, when I tried doing exercises at home I was never 100% focused on the exercises.   Thoughts like – what I still need to do today, what’s for dinner, kids need to be picked up or need help with homework, or I’m just too tired for this today – all would run rampant in my mind.  Most of us put ourselves and our bodies last on the priority list.

DIYPT for back issues solves this dilemma with this video series. Kimberly explains each exercise in detail, from why it helps to what it helps.  She carefully demonstrates each exercise slowly and completely so you actually understand how it is done.  You don’t have to worry about your appointment time ticking away like when you are at a PT office.  As a bonus, she adds a quick demo after each full-length video.  While she is demonstrating each exercise, she is looking at you and encouraging you.   You are in the privacy of your own home, having a personal session without any pressure.  It is wonderful.  Kim includes exercise/stretching routines designed specifically for people suffering from stenosis, chronic back issues and sciatica.  She recommends specific exercises for strength and stability, for doing each morning or evening, a daily 3 as well as a quickie series.

I have been doing different combinations of these exercises and stretches for 6 weeks and my back feels great.   As an active senior with arthritis in my back, hip [1 hip having been replaced], hands and wrists, stenosis of my thoracic spine and generalized stiffness daily, these exercises have decreased my discomfort while increasing my strength and stability.   I feel more confident walking outside, walking up and down stairs, carrying laundry, and even picking up my grandkids.  I look forward to having Kim keep me company and offer encouragement every day while I do my exercises in the comfort of my own home.

DIYPT – priceless.

Judy K

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