Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain
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Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain

We all know the song…. the hip bones connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bones connected to the knee bone, the knee bone…

Yup, you get it, the body is a series of connections, each one influencing the other. I cannot effectively try to correct a mid-cervical rotation (neck out of alignment), without addressing the low back and pelvis rotation below it. And sometimes, to make a long-term correction of the pelvis and hips (to help the neck) we need to address the feet!

This is why getting out of pain is tricky.

It takes a big-picture approach!

This is why a one-and-done approach, (one exercise alone) also doesn’t work.

However, if I string together a series of the RIGHT magic movements to address the WHOLE body, then lasting relief can follow.

Do It Yourself PT addresses the entire bio-mechanical chain of connections, addressing the chief culprits that are often nowhere near the site of pain, yet the reason it continues.

For example, calf tightness can cause and maintain low back pain.

In this video from my Do It Yourself PT program, I explain why and how to begin to address it.


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