Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain
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Retrain & Realign Your Body Out of Pain

OUR SONG CONTINUES… “The hip bones connected to the pelvic bone, the pelvic bone is connected to the sacrum, the sacrum is connected to the low back.” YES, FEEL THE SONG and how the entire body is connected.

In my last post, I said that how you perform an exercise really matters. Meaning that proper technique, proper alignment, movement timing and coordination are all essential to maximize benefit and prevent injury. I gave the example of how many times people do a pelvic tilt incorrectly.

When done properly, a pelvic tilt can create pelvic and low back joint mobility, improve joint nutrition, lubricate joints, decrease inflammation and reduce muscle spasms/ stiffness and pain. As a PT, I issue pelvic tilts to my patients for low back issues, SI joint difficulties, hip problems, pelvic concerns and even for upper back and neck dysfunction and pain! Remember, it’s all connected and when you move the base of the spine you move the entire spine and all the neighboring parts.

In my previous video, I spoke about why I include pelvic tilts in my Do-It-Yourself PT low back pain solution program and the benefits of pelvic tilts. In this video, I teach how to perform a pelvic tilt to maximize the benefits listed above.

This magic movement is great for almost everyone, young or old, healthy athletes and injured folks alike. I think this should be a must on your daily to-do list!

  • The key is to stop at the beginning of any discomfort, even a pinch. If you stop before discomfort then you can coax the body to give you more in each repetition. But if you push through it, you actually put on the brakes (trigger inhibitory proprioceptors) and you will miss the magic! Try to get just a bit more pain-free movement each rep. 10 easy reps will do it.
  • Another key is to use your legs to initiate the movement by pressing first into the feet/heels. This will begin the motion at the hips/pelvis and slowly move up the spine and bathe the spinal joints as you proceed.
  • It is crucial to move SLOWLY and SEGMENTAL to reap the rewards.
  • Relax your chest, upper back, shoulders and relax your jaw…. notice how your head and neck move during the roll.

This magic move can help maintain low back health and begin to correct low back dysfunctions. Give it a try and remember JOY is also essential.


Cheers to your health!

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